Total Received: $1,108,246.75


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LifeBridge Health created the Care Bravely Compassion Fund in March in response to the communities’ outpouring of support for COVID-19 patient caregivers at our five hospitals and BCAC.  The proceeds from this campaign have provided critical personal protective equipment (PPE), care and comfort items, and meals—to nurses, physicians and other essential staff cleaning, cooking and securing our testing sites and hospitals.  
To see the power of the community's generosity, please click here for the special edition of our Changing Lives newsletter.
We are particularly proud of our innovation team, who quickly assembled supplies and equipment, much of which was donated by the community, and created a sewing factory and 3D printing farm.  In partnership with Under Armour, volunteers and staff manufactured approximately 170,000 masks and 33,000 gowns.  Sinai Hospital’s Vocational Services Program (VSP), using 3D printers lent to us by several local schools, manufactured 14,800 face shields.  In addition, our teams have manufactured over 7,000 tubs of wipes (hydrogen peroxide, bleach or Virex) for use in clinical settings and packaged more than 240 – 32 ounce bottles of hand sanitizer.

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Because our frontline care teams have been working under very stressful circumstances with limited access to amenities, the Fund has provided meals for team members, special grocery services at each hospital, fresh produce, and psychosocial support to mitigate stress and anxiety. 
LifeBridge Health was called into action in an unprecedented way and our teams have risen to the occasion. The Fund has provided resources to staff a robust telemedicine program to evaluate and assess patients at home; set up testing tents throughout the LBH community; prepare and furnish hospital units for COVID 19 patients, including intensive care beds; and respond to and anticipate future needs as they develop.
Thank you to all of the individuals, companies and organizations who help us to Care Bravely no matter the circumstances. It is because of each one of you that LifeBridge Health remains strong and ready to provide the life-saving care necessary whatever lies ahead.
Click here to view the list of our in-kind donors.

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Give Bravely Champions
NFL Players' Coalition
S.H. Tevis & Son, Inc.
Nora Roberts Foundation
DJ Kopec's Dance Party
Nancy L. Hackerman
Middendorf Foundation
Northwest Hospital Auxiliary
Herman & Walter Samuelson Foundation
Robert W. Tracey
Stanley Black & Decker
Aaron and Lillie Straus Foundation
The Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Charitable Foundation
Amy and Jason Blavatt
First Financial Federal Credit Union
Baltimore Community Foundation
Andrew and Julie Levine
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. Wright
Migliara Family Foundation
Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation
Lowell & Harriet Glazer Philanthropic Fund
Laura Black and Charles Klein
Adam Michael Kodeck Fund
Ronald Attman
Johns Hopkins Neighborhood Fund
Dianne V. Nickoles
Tsipi and Michael Renbaum
William E. Proudford Sickle Cell Fund
Jody S. Berg
Mr. & Mrs. Greg W. Kahlert
Beverly Penn
Jimmy and Donna Smith
Jose Pons-Madera
Ann Dobry
Sean B. Fox
Mr. & Mrs. Guy H. Sheetz, Jr.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation
State Farm
Carol A. Traynor-Mayer
Mary Louise Cohen
Dan and Gina Hirschhorn
William and Carolyn Cheezum
Lynn Abeshouse and Irv Tark
Daniel Jacoby
HFAM Foundation for Education & Research Inc.
Phyllis and Louis Friedman
Anna Dopkin
Dr. Nilar U
Eugene & Joanne Canale
Brigid Peterson
Ms. Terri Lyons & Mr. Steve King
Drs. Ronald H. Schuster and Jeffrey E Schreiber
Harold I. Hackerman
Frank Tworecke
Lisa and Morry Zolet
David and Susan Goldner
Debbi and Glenn Weinberg
Dr. Diane Maloney-Krichmar
Estee Fader
Jonathan Attman
Michael Uhlfelder
Leonard and Phyllis Attman
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Lund
Darius & Janet Gross
Christine M. Krebs
Chris Wasson
Bharati S. Morjaria
Alex Hendler
Brett Weiss
Dawn Kirstaetter
Lowell R. Glazer
Helen Friedman
Mike O'Halloran
Jonathan Havens
Martin K. P. Hill
Ronnie Footlick
Jerome P. Reichmister, MD
Steve Venick
Scott London
Ann Fenwick
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Manekin
Morgan Gilligan
Jon Levinson
Mark Gheiler
Nathan Blumberg
Gina Millstein
Jill Kolodner
Elizabeth Lenrow
Jason Schwartzberg
Hoffa Foundation
Gilbert Trout
Martina Hendon
Robin Weiman
Marcy Kolodny
Howard Bensky
R Prevot
Barry S. Walters
Joseph M. Migliara
For Northwest Hospital Board Employees Meal Fund
Vaughn Greene Funeral Services, P.A.
Mark Simanowith (Board-Sponsored Staff Recognition Meal)
Marc and Nancy Gertner
J.P. Rieger
Brad Mendelson
Thomas F. Obrecht
Sharon L. Spencer-Kable
Anne Barnes
Renita Prevot State Farm Agency
Tushar Kothari
David Uhlfelder
Karin De Francis
Fran and Geoffrey Kroll
Mr. & Mrs. David Peloquin
Louise and Richard Kemper
Mary & Richard Bojan
Pasqua Isaac Deckert
Ellen and Neil Meltzer
Anna E. Martin
Paul Larry Saval
Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. McClure
Barry Levin
Donald M. Kirson
Zachary Regan State Farm
Mr. & Mrs. David C. Geiman, Jr.
Bruce and Mindee Block
Mike Volk
Sinai Mitzvah Foundation
Greenmount United Methodist Church
Watkins Security Agency, Inc.
Ms. Meagan Manago
Garrett and Anna Luisa Hoover
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Shoffner
Mrs. Susan W. Weikers
Dr & Mrs. Rangarajan, Ms. Shreya Rangarajan
Nancy Brightbill
Mark Anderes
Friends of Shipley, Inc.
Drs. Joan D. Coley & M. Lee Rice
Katuria Springer
Random House Alumni Club
Laura and Cory Geissler
Lynn A. Hopf
David Warshaw
Larry Plant
Karla Moore
Sheldon & Jenny Caplis
Drs. Joan D. Coley & M. Lee Rice Develin Coley
Josh Adlin
Barbara and Leonard Bloom
amy and ira ackerman
Lawn Doctor Carroll Co.
Michael Myers
Julie Cox
Matthew Wallengren
Ruby Roadrunners Red Hatters
Kristan A. Phillips
Joanne Martin
Wayne & Cherie Jenkins
Dennis Tutin
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Berent
Westminster First Church of the Nazarene
Traci Kodeck
Paul Lunis
Darla Tewell
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wikner
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Reiff
Bambi Myers
Rodger Archer
Margaret Rager
Donna Marquess
Mr. Alonzo Howard
Kit P. Bailey
Deborah Strauss
Dara Bernstein
Pamela and Jeffrey Platt
Charles S. Papa
Blanche E. Christman
Russell L. Patterson
Deborah and Kerby Baden
Melissa and Doug Warren
Jayne Klein
Peggy B. Burk
Anita King
Carol W. Morgrage
Amy Macht
Glenn Wandy
Norma Belt
Jules and Karen Rosenberg
Lori Jones
Marion Golding-Newman
Laura Dillman
Mr. and Ms. Nello Zuech
Alec and Heather Yeo
Gregg and Rachel Levitan
Michael R. Jarrett
Janice Rey
Keith Sigur - State Farm Agent
Frank & Karen Durilla
McGill Family
Edward J. Kuhl
Mandee Heinl
Candice Baylin
Nupur Parekh Flynn & Guy Flynn
Hodges Willis
Steven and Susan Sklar
Jack Finkelstein
Sanford Schreiber
Mary Shaughness
Neil and Shelley Rothstein
Albert and Susan Liebno
Mrs. lynelle Cook
Jennifer Mata-McMahon
Kara Rogan
Ronald Buchman
Elizabeth Krug
Susan F. Simon
Whitney Shlesinger
Critical Care Northwest
Stephanie Bowman
Patricia Ann Wiswall
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cardell
Lynn H. Williams
rabbis avram reisner and nina cardin
Thomas L. Neff
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Groves
Shirley Pickett
Copeland family
Ms. Nancy Kane
Rhonda Singley
Laurie Wallace
Dr. David Tuchman
Susmitha Amballa
Marvin Gower
Jonathan & Amanda Alvarez
Shay Vogg
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Humbert
Joanne P. Lanzo
Nicole Davis
Johns and Eleanor Simms
Jessy Lyons
The Leonovich family
Greg and Tammy Farmer
Lois Tuttle
Martin Wolff
Traci Lijewski
Carol A. Thornton
Sandra Leitch
Jeff & Shira London
Justin Peeples
Elizabeth Duncan
Gloria Diener
Timothy Dunk
Sherman Center & MECLP, UMBC
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Toeneboehn
Wayne Shrader
Dr. James E. Lightner
Grace Abraham Lewis
Andy Black
Mary Loftus
William & Valerie Gavin
Timothy Dunk
Laurie Jacobson
Major Clark
Lillian Milburn
Roxanne King
Anne M. Parsons
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Rice III
Delegate Samuel I. "Sandy" Rosenberg
Kathleen Drury
Dianna Davis
Etta Ray Griffin
Tanya H. Stankewicz
Samuel C. Hoff Agency
Jolene Lantz
Bernadette Phillips
Narda A Terry
Dr. Semira Gopie
Martin and Mary Lego
Sue A. Von Staden
Rheta Schloss
Frank Yantosca
Gregory Matvey
Anna McCracken
Ron Regan
Ellen s Gochnauer
John Land
Brenda Ecker
Charles Layton
Irene Carey
Vicky Spitalniak
LifeBridge Healthcare Heroes
Mr. & Mrs. Walter McWilliams
Rick Sirian
Marvin B. Miller
Edward C. Rothstein
Julie A. Day, LPC
Ms. Carol Cabourg
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Jarvis
Joseph Campbell
Jeanette M. Lloyd
Corinna A. Murray
Joseph Parker
Francis J. James
Betty J. Green
Jerri L. Lawrence
Charles E. Thomas
Lawrence Swift
Charlotte I. Bonner
Mr. Ron & Mrs. Jennifer L. Dennis
Jeremy Epstein
Jen Ashton
Linda Freud
Ann Mickens
Jo Ann P. Barlow
Lena Garrett
Lynn and Arnold Meltzer
Angela Billock
Investment Company Institute
Richard and Pamela Fradkin
Robert and Rebecca Farmer
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick F. McMahon
Traci Siegler
Jennifer Della'Zanna
Paul E. Paige
Lois Yvette Whitaker
Jackie Dalton
Margo D. Pinson
Nancy Hammond
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Hastmann
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip P. Lana, Jr.
Marjorie Kovens
Judy Barrett
Lana Montgomery
Anne Shervington Davis
Kim Peake
Greta Davis
Pearl E. Thompson
Charles Brannan
Morris Wise
Shirley Weisman
Michelle Czarnecki
Douglas Hoffman
Bruce Pfeffer
Tom Corbitt/State Farm Insurance
Mr. Dan & Mrs. Stephanie Moore
Michael S. Oidick
Halla Ingvars
Cheryl Carton
Arleen Gardner
Kelsey Ruiz
Nicole Sparrow
Ashley Stewart
Cathy Caster
Michael Daray
Otho L. Brown
Pamela Chin
Carol Higgins
Sandra K. Pinkner
Laura & Larry Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Baynar, Jr.
Vandora Young
Theresia Elliott
State Farm Insurance
Sheri Land
Ms. Allison Wimms
Nancy Williams
Kristi Rogers
Martha Ayers
Kim D. Shroades
Edith Horrigan
Cecelia Balderson
Mr. Paul Mainhart
Jen Ashton
Charlotte Eppel
Kenrad Nelson
Cynthia Everhart
Marguerite Horne
Nan Rosenthal
Joanna Epstein
Dawt Iang
Holly Schertz
Elsie Hackett
Milford T. Oxford
Iris Yospa
John Hoke
Jodi Reches
Delores Carey
Jacqueline Williams
Mary Knicely
Diane Stoler
Richard L. Butler
Michelle Gutberlet
Warren Grill
Doreen Lowitz
Audrey Robinson
Elliot D. Kleinman
Robert N. Bankes
Albert Quatman
Lauren Jensen
Albert Williams
Trina Ramsey
Allison Wimms
Betty C. Creutzer
Anne Majerik
Christina Grove
Virginia Falcone
Francine Stuart
Roger Jones
Leon Howard
Helen Streimer & Alan Katz
Cheryl Follmer
Leslie and Jay Rosenthal
William F. Swift
Barry Green
Mary Hanna
Eugene and Dorothy Constantino
Donald Chilcote
Heather Wayland-Foelster
Barbara Goldsmith
Mariama Bakayoko
Jesse and Sheila Holmes
Barbara L. Uy
Jane M. Lillien
Darlene Britton
Pat Price
John Wickham
Cheryl Baummer
Libby Gorman
Anne Mattia
Diana Rada
Herbert Gendason
Helen J. Streimer
Marion Cole
Mark Cutair
Loraine Lobe
Lynda Alper
Chandra Chintaparthi
Bernellyn M. Carey
Janet Eldridge
Phyllis Goldberg
Jack W. Slick
Marilyn Lefkowitz
Elizabeth Humphreys
Debony Williams
Mr. Douglas & Mrs. Ellen Finnerty Myers
Mrs. Carol Devecka
Mary Moltumyr
Evelyn Patten
Dustin and Jaime Gacon
Justine Earl
Carol Hess
George Akselrud
Selma Kennedy
Joseph Bush
Gary Hiel
Gary and Carolyn Abrecht
Maxine and Richard Mittleman
Gilbert N. Feinberg
Remy Kinstlinger
Sari Kinstlinger
Harold O. Smith
Elliot Brum
Joan Muhl
Deborah Mondell
Hillary Strilko
Karin Boteler
Kathleen Smith
Malcolm R. Anderson
Linda Rubel
Kaitlyn Warner
Irvin Davis
Lola J. Massey
Chris Frederick
Bessie Miller
Martha E. Hurtt
Brittany George
Danni Lyles
Sandra Feldman